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setup amped wireless extender

Setup Amped Wireless: A How-to Guide 

Amped routers are built by making use of the latest technology that enables it to serve the users with a blazing fast speed of the internet. It can provide internet connectivity to various devices at the same time without compromising on the quality of the speed. 

You can also make use of its beamforming technology under which you can define the device to which the internet should be shared so that it does not equally distribute it and reduce the speed when there are multiple connected devices at once. 

The instructions to setup amped wireless router are very easy to follow and can be done by anyone regardless of his knowledge about routers. The setup procedure includes some configurations such as modifying the name and the password of the network, changing the type of security, determining the speed of the internet, and setting up the guest access. 

What are the various LED’s for? 

There are a total of 5 LED’s in the router and their work is stated below: 

  • Power: This LED lights up when you supply electricity to the router through an adapter that is plugged into a source of power such as a socket. 
  • Wired Ethernet ports: These LED glow when you connect your devices to the router. You can connect it through an Ethernet cable on the ports of this router. If these lights blink, then they are indicating that some data is either being transmitted or received from somewhere. 
  • Wireless Activity: This LED light gets light up when there is an ongoing data transmission through the wireless network. 
  • Internet connection: The LED light in this category glows only when a modem has been connected to the router. This is made to show the status of the connection. 
  • WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup): This light glows up when the setup of WPS is activated by the user of the router. 

Guide to setup amped wireless router

Before you start with setting up this router, you need to make sure that all the cables as well as the plugs are disabled and pulled out from both your existing router and the outlet of power. This step is not required by the people who do not own a router and they can simply ignore it and move to further setup. If you own a modem then first start off by running it off and removing the battery if it has one. 

Then make a connection between the router and the modem by using an Ethernet cable to set up amped wireless router. To do this you first need to connect the Ethernet cable to the port available on the router and then make a connection of the adapter to the modem and put the battery inside it again.  Turn the router on and connect it with a device of your choice such as your computer or laptop. Then start connecting the antennas to the router and put in the power adapter to an outlet of electricity such as a circuit board. Then just turn it on and wait until the power LED lights up. 

Open the browser of your preference and then go to the website to setup amped wireless router and to do that simply type in the URL in the address box of the browser. If you are not able to get access to the webpage through the URL then you can also make use of the IP address which is assigned to your router. Once you are on the web page, enter your login credentials to get access to the smart setup wizard. In order to continue with the process to setup amped wireless router, you need to continue with the setup wizard by clicking on the Next button when prompted. The setup wizard will help you in the form of on-screen instructions throughout the whole process. 

While you continue with the configuration of the internet connection if any error is encountered, the setup wizard will aid you with all the information about the issue and the steps that are required to rectify it. 

Usually, the people who have advanced knowledge of these things prefer to do this step manually since they have a good knowledge of the setup. You can complete the setup process by clicking on the finish button. The next thing that you may want to do is set the time of the clock of the system. Then you will be prompted to a window where you will get the option to modify the name of the network and the password of the network. It is completely up to you if you want to complete this step to setup amped wireless router or not. You can simply skip it in order to keep everything as default. 

Some salient features of this router

Here are some of the best features of this application that will make it more exciting for you to setup amped wireless router. The features are as follows: 


  • 2.4 GHz dual antenna


These are very powerful antennas that provide the speed of Wi-Fi even from across the walls. They can even work in no network areas in your house. 


  • Long-range 


These routers provide you a very long range of network that comes up with beamforming technology that directs the signal to one device rather than spreading it evenly for better speed.  


  • Gigabytes Ethernet ports 


This router makes use of Ethernet cables to gain ultra-fast speed of internet through wired connections. 


  • Supports storage through USB 


You can easily attach your USB stick and can be able to share data with the various computers that are available on the network. You can also access the shared files over the internet by using a file transfer protocol.


So that was all about the necessary steps that are required to be followed by you in order to setup amped wireless routers. These routers and not only the best for using the internet but also it provides a lot of unique features that makes it stand out from the other routers out there in the market. That’s all we have for today.


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