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Meet Your Extender

The Wifi Range Extender increase the distance of a WiFi network by boosting the existing WiFi signal and enhancing the overall signal quality over long distances. An Extender repeats the signals from an existing router or access point. WiFi Range Extender boost your existing WiFi and deliver great wireless speed where the signal is intermittent or weak, improve range and connectivity you desire for ipads, laptops, and more.

Range Extender Working Mode

Use the Extender in Extender Mode

In Extender mode, the extender repeats the signals from an existing Wifi router or access points. Place the extender, apply power and connect it to your WiFi network.

Use the Extender in Access Mode

You can also use the extender as a Wifi access point, which creates a ner Wifi hotspots by using a wired Ethernet connection.


We at MYEXTENDERSTORE provide on-site Extender repair services.  Our professionals have no duty of the effectively broken parts and apparatus. Our professional will begin working simply after cautious review of the Extender and ought not to be held blameworthy for any kind of harm officially done. Every one of the items and programming is Trademark of the regarded organization. Professional isn’t to be considered in charge of any blame happened amid or after the repair.

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