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The installation of the Amped Wireless Wifi Range Extender allows the user to increase the wireless network range. Smart protection features then provide the user with maximum accessibility to monitor the Amped Wireless Setup.
The LEDs that allow the user to locate the extender in its best location are included in this range extension.
The domain address can be used for the setup of the Amped wireless range extender.

In the offline mode, this web address will work. In addition, with the help of IP address The user may also configure the Amped wireless for the new extender setup. can only work if the user’s computer is connected to the Amped wireless extender. With the assistance of URL, it is very quick and easy to reach.


Steps for setting up the Amped Wireless Range Extender

Setup With

The primary task is to start connecting all of the devices using the Ethernet cable or you can use the Wi-Fi to the Amped wireless setup.

  • Open your preferred web browser or you can use or join
  • The user will now be able to see the dashboard of the Amped Extender Setup.
  • Click on the scan now option after that. Wait before you can complete it.
  • From the displayed list, select the home Wi-Fi network.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi protection credentials and click on the Continue button.
  • Wait a minute to attach the router with the Amped Wi-Fi extender.

If it gets paired, the Amped wireless range extender setup notes that you are finished.

If the user fails to enter, what does he do?

Often when the user fails to enter the configuration URL, it can be found. Suddenly,

The page will display an error message ‘not displaying the page’ or ‘bad gateway error‘.

Then in that case the user has to ensure that the user’s device is correctly connected to the Ethernet cable.

Secondly, the user needs to stop wirelessly connecting the device to the boosted router. Let’s say that the device is linked to some other wireless router,

Second, attempt to disable the computer’s Wi-Fi adapter. After that, make sure whether the firewall programs are disabled or not.

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