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Amped wireless setup
Amped Wireless Setup can be done wirelessly and also with a wired connection moreover Amped Extender built with the latest technology such as MIMO, MIMO technology provides fast internet to multiple devices at the same time. There is also setup wizard by following the wizard customer can easily to install there Extender. just you need to follow the steps carefully for setting up any Amped Wireless Extender.
Follow the steps given below if you have purchased a brand new amped Extender.

Configure your Amped Range Extender in 3 easy steps::

STEP-1- Basic installation

First Attach the antenna.
Plug the Range Extender in Power Socket.
place your Extender Near to your Router just for the initial setup.
Use a PC which is suggested. Plug an Ethernet cable from your PC to Amped Range Extender.
If you are trying on smartphone or tablet, first connect your device to wireless network Amped_XYZ.

STEP-2- Access Amped wireless setup wizard
Once you connected to Amped wireless network then open the web browser on your phone, tablet or PC and search for
If web URL doesn’t work use Amped Extender Default IP Address:-

STEP-3- Amped Wireless Range Extender Setup:

In the Amped wireless Setup Wizard, it will give you an option to Scan.
once you click on scan it will start searching for the Neighborhood network list.
From the Network list, you need to select your Home Network.
If your Network is not in the list rescan or dial your Network manually.
once its ask for the password you need to put the same password which you use for your regular WiFi.

You can change extended network settings like name and password.
Use a different name for you Amped Extender or just add EXT at the end of the name.
Once you are all done try to connect your device to the extended network.
Finish the setup and place your amped range extender where you have dead zone.

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