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Amped  Helios-ex RE2200T AC2200 wi-fi Range extenderRE2200T AC2600

The HELIOS-EX RE2200T AC2200 is a powerful tri-band range extender, specially designed for multi-device households. Built with a powerful Quad-Core ARM Processor, 12 high power amplifiers, and 4 total high gain antennas, the HELIOS-EX  RE2200T AC2600 delivers up to 12,000 square feet of additional Wi-Fi coverage. It is engineered to provide unmatched range and reliability for the most demanding networks with many connected devices. DirectLink technology creates a dedicated 5GHz link to the home network, freeing up the remaining two bands, resulting in up to 2X the speed of other extenders. This tri-band extender makes lag and buffering things of the past. The Amped HELIOS-EX AC2600 also features cutting edge MU-MIMO technology that enables multiple devices to receive data at once, granting uninterrupted streaming for all. Get rid of your Wi-Fi dead zones, stream movies and shows with ease, and be free with your mobile devices. Whole-home Wi-Fi coverage is here, with the HELIOS-EX.
Helios-ex RE2200T

Helios-Ex Amped RE2200T is easy to set up, all you need to do is visit or for the installation or call Amped wireless extender experts on +1-866-988-8965

Helios-ex RE2200T


Maximum coverage with AMPED RE22OOt

Provide more than 12000 square feet of wireless internet connection.

AC2200 TriBand Technology

The Helios-EX RE2200t AC2200 comes with triband technology which gives dedicated connectivity throughout your home.

Built-in Amplifiers & External Antennas

The Helios-EX AC2200 built in with 12 powerful amplifiers & 4 External antennas to boost the range of your wireless connection

Connect More Devices

With the TriBand Technology a user can connect and stream multiple devices at a same time with Amped RE2200t

Universal Compatibilty

The Amped AC2200 wireless range extender connects with any standard wireless modem or router.

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