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Comprehensive Guide To Amped Extender Setup

Amped Extender setup is an organization with an exceptionally precise name: making your wireless world all the more dominant. Amped wireless offers a wide range of Wi-Fi related items from receiving wires, Wi-Fi cameras, Powerline connectors, etc. What we are seeing today is a Range Extender.

What this does, is basically rehashing your Wi-Fi signal, however with more noteworthy quality, giving your Wi-Fi a much better range. Some may state that something like this isn’t required, as you should simply purchase a superior switch. Nowadays of oppressive, cornered internet services, once in a while, you don’t have a decision, or possibly not an agreeable one, however, to utilize their unsatisfactory apparatus.

Be that as it may, how precisely do these range extenders work with Amped extender setup you may inquire? As I brushed on previously, they basically rehash your Wi-Fi signal. The Extender sets with your current router, you give the Extender the Wi-Fi qualifications, and it takes your current Wi-Fi signal and intensifies it fundamentally.

The ATHENA-EX packs a double center processor, 128MB of DDR3 Slam, 16 high power intensifiers, also shrewd firmware with MU-MIMO innovation, which empowers various gadgets to get and transmit information at the same time, guaranteeing continuous network access for all gadgets in your home. To give you a somewhat point of view, your standard range extender put out about 50mW of intensity, though the ATHENA-EX brags up to 800mW, which Amped extender setup cases will permit this extender to have a powerful scope of up to 15,000 square feet.

This specific model, the Amped wireless ATHENA-EX, offers both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz systems. 2.4Ghz offers a better range for your gadgets and is the more typical sort utilized in open Wi-Fi hotspots. 5Ghz doesn’t have an incredible range the 2.4Ghz does, however, the exhibition on 5Ghz is greatly improved for transfer speed substantial applications.

Cannot open the Amped Wireless Range Extender Menu

utilize the Ethernet link that accompanied the router to associate your gadget and router.

Your PC ought not to be associated with some other wireless system. It would be ideal if you check this and in the event that it is there, at that point separate your PC from some other wireless system.

Utilize a perfect program and the most recent one. Maybe the program is causing some issues. Attempt Amped extender setup utilizing the diverse programs or close and revive a similar program.

In the event that you are opening the login page through the web address, at that point rather than this take a stab at getting to the login page utilizing the default IP address.

On the off chance that none of the alternatives work, you can reset the extender finally. Reset by squeezing and holding the reset button for few moments and after that release it.

Amped Extender Setup
Amped Extender Setup

What are the steps to install Amped wireless range extender?

So first, you need to find a suitable place between your Wi-Fi router and the dead Wi-Fi zone, which should be about halfway. Note: Make sure that your Wi-Fi router receives a good signal intensity anywhere you position the range extender.

  • On the back of the Amped extender setup, attach the antennas.
  • Make stable connections with the range extender between your device and
  • Activate any particular web browser and go to to open a web page.
  • Alternatively, you can use the default login IP to access the amped wireless extender’s web menu.
  • The Web Menu Dashboard screen shows the current range extender status, after which you will have to click Check to find any available networks that need to be expanded.
  • Pick the wireless networks to be replicated or expanded. To go on, click on Next.
  • You’ll be asked to enter your wireless network password. To continue, press NEXT
  • By entering a new SSID and password, you will be prompted to customize the settings for your extended network. Click Next, which helps you to save the settings.
  • You will then have to restart the new extender setup and link your computing system to the new connection again.
  • Press OK and your Amped Extender setup has finally been successfully established.
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