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Setup amped Wi-Fi Extender

Boost Your Existing WiFi Range


What is ? is an offline url to setup your Amped wireless extender or you can connect to the amped wireless setup using the Ip Sometimes you might not get access to setup amped, because your device is not connected with an amped range extender. Amped Extender has created three series in wifi extender products Desktop range extenders, Plugin extenders, and Professional series.

How to connect the amped wireless range extender to your router ?

Amped wireless range extender should be placed near your router for the initial setup as recommended you can place the extender in the Middle of the dead spot in your home and the router.

Follow the steps to get your Amped extender Up & Running:

  • Connect any of your devices to amped wireless extender using an ethernet or over the wifi.
  • Navigate to your browser and open or
  • You will see the Amped Extender dashboard now.
  • Click the Scan now option and wait for it to get finished.
  • Select your Home Wifi Network on the list  displayed on the screen
  • Now enter your Wifi Security key and hit continue.
  • Now, wait for the Amped wifi extender to connect with your router.
  • Now your Amped wireless setup is all done

Amped wireless Range Extender Manual Setup using

Most of the users face technical issues during Amped wireless extender Manual Setup such as amped url doesn’t open, Amped Setup page doesn’t display, Amped credentials are incorrect, etc. Though a new extender comes with Amped wireless extender manuals which has each and every step explained for setup, it often gets lost or misplaced. Therefore, users look for prompt and reliable Amped Extender Support to resolve all technical issues.

Instant technical support for Amped Extender Setup or setup amped wireless is now available online by qualified and well-trained technicians. So, there is no need to mess around with non-working web address or waste time in troubleshooting issues during New Extender Setup. Just call on 24×7 available experts on 1-866-988-8965

Amped wireless setup

Amped REC44M, REC33A and REC 22P are the high range wifi extenders and comes under the category of plug-in range extenders. Amped Athena AC2600, HELIOS –EX AC2200 tri-band and TITAN-EX AC1900 range extender are the best suitable product for desktop range extension.  Pro series AC1750 and pro-series SR600EX are the professional wireless range extenders with very long distance coverage area. These Amped Pro series range extenders are best choice for very large area. Let’s see the technical specification of Amped wireless range extenders.

Common issues during Amped Extender Setup

The most common issue faced by users is the initial Amped extender setup. The issues occur as a result of connectivity problems, IP address, web browser cache etc. Here are some common issues which our specialized technicians can help you resolve in no time:

  • 404 Error
  • Issues with router
  • Connectivity problems
  • MAC Address restrictions
  • First-time setup and installation of amped wifi extender
  • amped wireless/login issues
  • ‘You are not connected to network’ error continues to appear
  • Overloading or overheating
  • Loose or disconnected cables
  • Outdated or defective firmware
  • Server not found error messages
  • Mismatched wireless settings
  • Unexpected error 2123
  • Unable to access settings for home network routers
  • Can’t fix ‘password is incorrect’ error

How to Reset amped wireless extender?

Option 1:
What I did was first disconnect from YOUR extender, unplug it from the power source so its off for a few seconds, Plug it back in then hold the reset button down for about 15 seconds before your computer registers the connection is there and tries to connect. you will have a 3-5 second gap to start this process. IT should then revert to its original factory name and bring you to the Web Menu after you enter your credentials.

Option 2: When your connected to the extenders access point, go to the web menu of the extender, by typing in in your web browser or It should ask you to enter the credentials and bring you to a summary page that shows info and statuses of your network. Go to the firmware/settings page on the left hand of the menu and there should be an option to reset. If it doesn’t work or you cannot access the web menu make sure your using an Ethernet cable to connect the extender to the computer.

Can’t Access Amped Wireless Login Page, What you can do?

Amped wireless devices are used when you need extended wifi in your home for your computers and mobile devices. Both Amped wifi router and wifi extender device need to be configured using setup page from your computer or a mobile device.

When you need to change the settings for your device, you can use Amped wireless login page for this. If you are getting problems with accessing your Amped wireless setup page using setup page, here are the trick you can try.

How To Setup Amped Wireless Extender?

To setup Amped wireless extender you will need a laptop or mobile device. Once you are on the device navigate to Wireless manager and choose the Amped Extender Network.

  • After you are connected to the Amped Wifi network.
  • Open on the Web browser.
  • You will set Amped wireless Setup screen
  • You need to follow the Amped Wireless setup on-screen instruction to complete the setup
  • Even you can contact Amped wireless setup experts on +1-866-988-8965



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